What was the challenging role of Assia Djebar?

She was the courageous person who came forward from Algerian literature. She has succeeded in multiple disciplines like a documentary, essay, explore, and above all, she stood as the role modern for the women who live in darkness. Her story speaks wider, once when you started reading it carefully you start analyzing the impacts and it straight away calls you to the war place and gives confidence in stating what was the actual role of women in war? 

Assia Djebar was a member of the Royal Academy of French and literature in Belgium. She was also elected as a member of the French Academy. When you have a look at her awards you would be pleasantly surprised at her early age itself she started receiving her award for her vibrant writings and magical words. Also, she stays one among the spokesperson who belongs to the emancipation who fights against colonialism.

What made her write?

Assia Djebar moved to France in her 18th year. As well she has created a record while she was studying that is she was the first person in the Algerian women community to get admitted at the Ecole Normale and she has got a history degree from the LE Sorbonne in the following years. All these added great credit. She started minutely noticing what is happening around and she thought she should lighten everyone through her thoughts all these factors made her start writing. She published her first book in the year 1957. The book named La Soif means The Thirst. It was fully based on the modern young Algerian woman and it was published at The Mischief. Her writing starts from there her writings were published as seven stories etc. That acts as a step after that she continuously started focusing on writing the script according to it she also organized many lively plays to create a spark.