The Use for the Best Bike Rack Now

When you come back from your bike ride, you arrive home wondering where you could put your bike away without it taking up too much space. And it’s a necessity to be able to keep your bike safe at home. If you live in a house, the problem will be easily resolved by choosing the bike rack system to fix in your garage or garden sheds, see the article ” Parking the bike!””. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment, it will be more difficult to find room to store your bicycle. To store the bicycle in a safe place and out of the reach of children, here is a selection of useful bicycle accessories and storage solutions:

The First Kind

Foldable bicycle pedals are ideal for those who want to store their bikes in tight places. With an aluminum structure, a Cr-Mo axis and a plastic body, they fold and unfold easily in a jiffy. When they are unfolded, they cannot be folded down without actuating the system by hand, which guarantees safe pedaling. In addition, they have reflectors on either side of the pedal that allow you to be seen. As you go through the indoor bike racks review you will understand that along with this you would be requiring the proper size rack.

The Other One

The aheadset bike stem allows you to store your bike at home with the least amount of space possible. This bracket makes it possible to separate the handlebars from the steering. The handlebars can be turned 90 ° relative to the wheel. The height of the stem is 135 mm and is adjustable to a height of 65 mm. The fallback manipulation is done without tools thanks to a lever on the stem. This stem is fixed on the handlebar rod already installed. Made of aluminum, this stem does not weigh down the bike.

The wall mounted bike hook allows you to easily store your bike vertically on one of your walls. By fixing it in height, you can hang the wheel of your bike. The double wall hook for bikes allows you to place the handlebars on the hooks of the support to keep it vertical. These hooks are guaranteed anti-rust by zinc plating.

The bicycle wall mount is an accessory designed to hang your bicycle on the wall by the front wheel. Equipped with a hook with rubber protection, the bike will be stable and the frame will not be scratched. The hook is foldable.