People are investing in Ethereum because it is an open ended decentralized computing platform. Also, smart contracts are enabled on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum platform has a lot of potential for development and innovation. Investing in Ethereum can lead to big returns because the price has been steadily increasing. The cryptocurrency is also trending upward and people think that this trend will continue which will lead to large gains for investors. In this section, I will write about why investing in Ethereum is a good idea. Ethereum has been gaining traction for many reasons. It is a decentralized network that means it can’t be shut down by any one single entity. Ethereum also uses the concept of smart contracts which are self-executing contracts with the terms being directly written into lines of code.Furthermore, Ethereum’s blockchain is more advanced than Bitcoin’s because it offers a more efficient way to run applications on its network. This makes it more valuable in some ways because Ethereum can do things that Bitcoin cannot. read more

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