Elmiron Settlements: What is the Expected Payout

Millions of Americans use pentosan polysulfate salt, also known as Elmiron.

This prescription drug is used to treat interstitial cystitis (IC).

For more effective relief, Elmiron users are advised to increase their doses in many cases. The first study to examine the possible adverse effects of prolonged exposure to Elmiron was published in 2018.

Hundreds of people who have used the bladder medication have filed Elmiron lawsuits since they suffered vision problems and other eye issues as a result of long-term usage.

Now that the eye injury cases have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation, (MDL), settlement negotiations will likely take place within a few years.

Continue reading to find out more about possible settlement amounts for Elmiron lawsuits.

What’s the Elmiron lawsuit all of?

Interstitial cystitis, also known as painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis (IC), is a chronic condition that causes extreme pain in the bladder. IC is currently affecting approximately 12,000,000 people in America.

Elmiron Eye Damage is used to treat discomfort and pain associated with IC. It prevents irritation of the bladder wall by coating it with a protective layer. In 1996, FDA approved the medication. It has been a standard treatment for IC since then.

It is therefore not surprising that the bladder drug may have been used on hundreds of thousands of people. Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Elmiron manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals has made huge profits from the drug.

Elmiron users who developed eye problems later on suffered unnecessary pain for many years. Among the many allegations made by plaintiffs in an Elmiron lawsuit for vision loss are:

Elmiron’s makers didn’t warn doctors or patients about the potential dangers.

These manufacturers may also have withheld crucial information about these risks from clinical trials

These companies also failed to address the issues promptly by initiating an Elmiron recall, and updating the safety warning for the medication.

These are all despite growing research showing a higher risk for vision loss, permanent blindness and other eye injuries due to long-term Elmiron usage.

These dangers were not known by Elmiron’s manufacturers.

Original Elmiron label stated that cystitis drugs are associated with very minor side effects. These side effects are listed on the manufacturer’s website:

Tests for abnormal liver function

Bloody stool



Hair loss




Not all vision problems can be caused by chronic exposure to Elmiron. In 2020, the manufacturer updated the drug’s label. Janssen specifically added that Elmiron may cause pigmentary maculopathy, a type of retinal damage.

However, the drug was approved in 1996 and has not been recalled since then. Even with the warning about retinal pigmentary disorders, the drugmaker has not yet acknowledged eye damage caused by Elmiron.

It has also not indicated that it will recall any product anytime soon, despite the increasing incidence of eye problems.

Current Status of the Litigation

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in December 2020 ordered Elmiron lawsuits from across the country to be consolidated into MDL from the district of New Jersey.

An MDL is a group of lawsuits that plaintiffs file against the same defendant/s. This legal process is meant to speed up litigation and reduce costs for plaintiffs. An MDL can be used in Elmiron cases to help all claimants who have suffered the same injury and hold the same defendant responsible: Janssen.

An MDL allows cases to be combined and transferred to a federal court. Pretrial proceedings are overseen by one judge. The bellwether trials are a limited number of cases that both sides can decide to include in their respective legal teams.

The Elmiron MDL Class Action is being governed by the federal judge, the Honorable Brian R. Martinotti. There were approximately 600 Elmiron lawsuits in the MDL as of November 2021. This number will likely rise to thousands each day as more plaintiffs take legal action.

Bellwether trials will begin in January 2023. A global settlement could be possible due to the growing evidence linking Elmiron and pigmentary maculopathy.

Long-term Elmiron usage can lead to eye problems.

Maculopathy is also known as macular disease. It is any condition or disease that affects the macula (the central part of our retina located at the back of the eyes).

The macula is responsible to our central vision. It processes finer details and makes it easier for us to see. There are many types of maculopathy. One type is pigmentary macularopathy. It is a rare type of eye problem that can only be seen in patients who have been exposed to Elmiron (also known as pentosan-polysulfate sodium (PPS)).

This maculopathy can also be called PPS maculopathy. These are the most common symptoms of this eye disorder:

Eye pain

Reading difficult

Vision blurred or distorted

It is difficult to see the big picture.

Dimming the light is difficult

Unfortunately, doctors can misdiagnose eye conditions as either pattern dystrophy, or age-related maculopathy. Pentosan polysulfate salt, Elmiron’s active ingredient is believed to be responsible for the damage in the maculas of patients.

However, it is not clear what the exact cause of this is.

What amount can I expect to receive in an Elmiron settlement for vision loss?

The Elmiron cases were consolidated into an MDL. All lawsuits are kept separate in an MDL. Each plaintiff receives a unique settlement based on the facts of each case.

A jury might also consider other contributing factors during trial. These factors could have an impact on the value of your Elmiron case in negotiations.

Elmiron eye injuries

Elmiron maculopathy’s effect on the mental and physical health of patients

Elmiron vision loss will result in future suffering and pain that the patient may experience.

The cost of future and past medical bills and expenses resulting from retinal damage by Elmiron

Vision damage can cause loss of earnings and loss of future earning potential.

Elmiron litigation remains in its infancy. The potential Elmiron settlement payout will be higher for severe eye injuries. Product liability lawsuits like Elmiron cases have statutes of limitations. These laws vary from one state to the next.

This determines the deadline for filing a claim. To find out how long you have left to sue the manufacturer or company that harmed your rights, it is important to speak with an Elmiron lawyer.