Connect with the Undead: Dive into What We Do in the Shadows Official Shop

If you’re a fan of the supernatural, then you’ve probably heard of the mockumentary vampire series “What We Do in the Shadows”. The show follows a group of vampire roommates living in modern-day New York City as they navigate their eternal lives and attempt to fit into society. With its dark humor and clever writing, it has gained a cult following since its debut in 2019.

But what many fans may not know is that there is an official shop dedicated to all things “What We Do in the Shadows”. And for those who truly connect with the undead, this shop offers a chance to dive deeper into the world of vampires and their shenanigans.

First off, let’s talk about merchandise. The official shop has everything from t-shirts and hoodies to mugs and phone cases featuring iconic quotes and images from the show. Want to show off your love for Laszlo’s famous catchphrase “BAT!” or Nandor’s affinity for crepes? There’s merch for that. Plus, with new designs constantly being added, there’s always something fresh for die-hard fans.

But it’s not just about wearing your love for the show on your sleeve (or chest). The official shop also offers unique items like replica props from the series. Have you ever wanted Guillermo’s Vampiric Hunting Kit or GuillermoCon wristbands? Now you can own them as part of your own collection.

And speaking of collections, if you enjoy collecting Funko Pop figures or other vinyl toys, then you’re in luck because there are exclusive “What We Do in the Shadows” characters available only at this shop. From classic vampires like Vladislav and Nadja to newcomer Colin Robinson, these figurines capture each character perfectly with their signature looks.

Additionally, if reading is more your style (as any good vampire should), then why not check out some of the books featured onscreen? The shop offers titles like “The Art of Guillermo” and “Vampire Travel Guides” that will transport any fan into the world of the show.

But it’s not just about the merchandise at this shop. It’s also a great place for fans to connect with each other. With an active social media presence, the official shop shares content, engages with fans, and even hosts contests and giveaways. Plus, they often feature fan art on their merchandise, giving artists a chance to showcase their love for the series.

So why not dive into What We Do in the Shadows Official Shop? With its vast array of merchandise, exclusive collectibles, and online community for fans to connect, it’s a must-visit destination for any fan of the show. So grab your garlic and head on over – there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.