About the refugee crisis that happens every year

In the past decades, the number of global refugee’s population from different countries has doubled than ever before. More than 26 million of the refugees are currently living in the host communities where many of the people are there in the neighboring countries. At present India is found to be ranking first position where highest population of 68% refugees is living in the country and this refugee population comes from just 5 countries. Since most of the countries began to keep track of the world’s largest refugee crisis last year and this number of people are forcibly send off from their country where this has become continuing till now.

In order to stop this kind of activity every country is now keeping track list of people who are migrants, asylum seekers, internally displaced and refugees where this record is being maintained by each country. In order to have the completed list and details about these person who can just visit to the website of the government to know about the refugees.

People from different countries live as refugee

Huge number of people from different countries has been living in different countries due the several crises such as natural disaster, flood, poverty, drought and many other natural calamities. Below are some of the countries from where people have returned back from their country due to the natural calamities and other issues you can also Google search on internet or visit official site of government to know more details about the refugees.

  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • The rohingya crisis
  • Somalia
  • Democratic republic of Congo
  • Central African Republic
  • Burundi

Each of the above country people have settles as refugee in different parts of the world where each of the country has met with the severe kinds of natural calamities and other issues. Now the people of above countries are living as a refugee where this is due to the inefficient action and unsupported government.